Content covered in the workshops includes:

  • Introduction to virtuality continuum
  • QR, AR, MR, VR and other strange acronyms
  • Benefits and barriers of using AR in education
  • Creating AR materials (BlippAR platform)
  • Triggers (from printed images to objects and locations)
  • Overlays (images, audios, videos, PDF documents, social media buttons…)
  • Access (creating access codes and guiding the users)
  • Advanced AR materials
  • Creating interactive experiences (actions and buttons)
  • Creating a quiz (scenes and animations)
  • Ideas and examples of AR materials in school
  • AR interactive library
  • AR interactive wall displays
  • AR portraits
  • AR information stickers
  • AR toys

New content in 2020!

  • Importing 3D objects
  • Differentiation of teaching and learning using AR materials (AR for SEND, AR for EAL…)
  • Assessment through AR (teaching students how to create AR)
  • WebAR (new feature released by BlippAR)

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