AR Hexagon puzzle

Discovery learning is important for all age groups. One of many solutions for quick difficulty differentiation, and my all time favourite is using shapes and colours.

For this puzzle tutorial I will use hexagons, but you can easily make your puzzle more complex by using octagons, nonagons, decagons…or even pentadecagons!

You will need:
– paper/plastic/wooden shapes
I’m using DIY mirror decoration tiles that I’ve found in my craft drawer (find them here)
– markers or printed labels
This time I did it just with markers, to demonstrate the simple version (arranging content in correct layouts for printing is obviously not the quickest solution)

Done! Now what?

Exploring and learning is fun, but now it’s time for another challenge.
Create your own rhymes with a little help of rhyming cards. Make your own cards or use ready templates by Karyn (find them HERE). Turn your rhymes into media:
– record them like a song
– make an illustrated visual
– create a video
or just use your text to overlay your rhyming cards!
And don’t forget – share them with friends!

Tutorials on how to overlay images with media in AR are available HERE