The Future of AR

This text is shared directly from Augmented Reality blog, written by Kendra Grant, Jenelle Kresak, Kate Ropchan, Scott Tammik and Pamela Jones

“AR has the potential to promote efficiency of learning and training in academic and corporate surroundings by providing information at the right time and right place and offering rich content with computer-generated 3D imagery… AR may appeal to constructivist notions of education, where students take control of their own learning, and could provide opportunities for more authentic learning and training styles.”

Lee Kangdon, 2012

The pace of miniaturization within mobile computing is helping to fuel the growth of Augmented Reality. Developers and engineers are finding exciting new ways to incorporate Augmented Reality technology into our daily lives in the near future.

In their 2012 report on 12 emerging technologies to watch for in education in the next five years, the New Media Consortium predicts that augmented reality is set for adoption in four to five years, indicating that we remain in the early developmental stages of this technology, however it is gaining attention. To review the report, click here.

For one perspective on what new mobile Augmented Reality hardware and software is just around the corner, browse through the most recently crowd funded projects on Kickstarter. Scan the photo above to review several successful Kickstarter products we feel are particularly relevant to education, or visit the entire list of projects here.


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