Information gathering for safeguarding

Impero software CEO gave an engaging presentation about the balance of gathering data for safeguarding and safeguarding from data gathering – a perspective into opportunities available to us when we take that step and use what current marketing system can offer.

Intro about Victoria Climbie and how coordinated action would change the outcome of that case – Problem is safety in communication of sensitive data

Generational differences – we can’t possibly understand technology enough to know all the risks of all the new platforms, processes which might be dangerous for the child in that specific environment, and ways to monitor and safeguard across all these social networks, browsers or apps

*Source of stats is national Foundation for Education Research

Gdpr is gold standard in protecting data

Conduct is about personal behaviour

Appropriate monitoring

Analysis of filters used (like frequent use of blue hue… depression?)

Combined knowledge, holistic approach, several sources


Research-based policies? 

Holistic (combines observation and online safety captures, to follow trends of risky behaviour, or inform about possible incidents)

Importance, urgency and value