Establishing a Digital Platform That Works for All

From VLE to Teams “Goodbye Moodle – hello Teams”

What he wanted to do

“Do it for the right reasons – for the curriculum, for the learners

Key word : technology clutter (so many things so many choices, hardware and software)

*Focus on purpose and see what you have for that

Development of the world around them, communication in focus, made them change

*Not a lot of HR investment

2 people for 2 days a week

Key element – advocates (60 people – training on what it is – they use it, they discovered it, they shared it)

Without the biggest title “moving to teams”

Communication from the bottom up. Everyone wanted to use it by the time if was rolled out for the whole college

Integrated with powershell – makes teams automatically… easy peasy

6hours f2f training 

Note: (no online, person to person, “mistake maker to mistake anticipator” ja)

Im 30 days – the full students body and staff on board

Real massive impact

*Even on weekends

*Except the first weekend of Dec 🍻

Most people access it on their phone!!!

3,5k on teams on phones

Student Ellie

  • “I do everything on my phone”
  • Submits assignments and does research, everything
  • “Easy to work on the train”
  • “Lecture notes on class”
  • “It’s great”

However, Older generation separate work-leasure on devices


  • Massive transformation
  • Accessibility issues
  • All students can now use IT
  • And feel like a part of the group


  • Ability to communicate in school and outside school
  • Photos and videos get easily shared, not over email to avoid safety breaches

15min f2f update or clinic

Corporate teams, challenging but better, more effective and safer (emails!)

Gallimaufry (new word hahha)

Flipgrid abou education, join, share