Adobe acrobat

PDF = portable document format

The whole session was presented using a PDF – it’s easy to even make a PowerPoint from a pdf 😁👍

  • Create-> capture from many sources

Magnifying glass – symbol for find or zoom feature (always a debate)

  • Navigation on the left
  • Tools on the right
  • Tool tab to make your program interface work for you
  • Tool tab can be fully customized

Before using it, it’s important to know:

  • What’s your intent
  • Secured or creative document (form or leaflet)
  • *Acrobat name – juggling several uses

  • Curated resources
  • Flash software plug-in is media engine that’s now a problem for multimedia files

Useful tools

  • Markup tools (comments, sticky notes) discussion on a pdf file (locating discussion where it should be)
  • Bookmarks
  • Tracking changes
  • Review changes (InDesign)
  • Sending link, (tracking views)
  • Stamps
  • Audio notations 😁👍 #inclusive #accessible #engaging
  • Rich media (movies *needs to have flash player)
  • 3D pdf (Powerful, but?)
  • Reducting data from a pdf (gdpf, safe, no names of any new words)
  • Signature
  • Inspecting
Lukas Engqvist

Lukas Engqvist

Teacher, Brobygrafiska UtbildningSwedenLukas Engqvist is an educator at Brobygrafiska, a vocational higher education institution, based in Sunne, Sweden. As an Adobe Certified Instructor, Lukas helps both in preparing the workforce of tomorrow and also contract training for industry to help printers and agencies stay competitive. After 25 years in print production he decided to go back to school to become a teacher. During his time in as an industry professional he was participating in the pre-release testing of software so that he could print any file that the customer could create. He is also a tutor on some of the courses offered on the Adobe Education Exchange and is an Adobe Education Leader.