NWU Online webinar

How to collaborate with colleagues when your institutions are on the different sides of the planet?

In the technology age, it’s easy, free and quick. Webinars can be attended by anyone across the globe, but can also unite educators in facilitating such events.

I was invited by North West University to participate in the webinar focusing on the integration of digital technology in all segments of industry, communication and education.

Alongside many experts including Clarise Mostert, Koos De Villiers, Gordon Matthew and others, I have presented this flash 7-minute presentation focused on integration of AR (augmented reality) in education. The full video is available below.

More about the TELIT-SA group and my summer visit to North West University can be found in a separate blog post – HERE.

Big thanks to this wonderful team of researchers for inviting me to be a part of this webinar and continue our collaboration across the globe