EdMedia + Innovative Learning

EdMedia is a world conference, and that means people from all around the globe. Being a part of that, actively participating and contributing to work of that group means a lot. Also, comes with a great expectation from within myself. What is good enough to be presented for the delegates coming from close and far? Being a graduate student, I wasn’t sure if things I find revolutionary would be just common knowledge among these people.

Well, I was proven wrong. Very, very wrong. And I am extremely proud that that was the case.
Even with the programme full of great presentations, I decided to go with what I enjoy the most – designing materials. I have presented a poster, which was officially the biggest thing I have ever printed (anxiety over typos was real), and came with a pile of paper toys. Next to me, colleagues were presenting research using hololense and extraordinary technology, but I glued some paper cubes together and came to a world conference to show it.

Koos De Villiers on the left and Veruschka Pelser-Carstens on the right

What happens next is really the best feeling in the world.
People started playing and laughing, exploring AR content and generally having a great time. Faces were instantly transformed from serious academics to playful adults. That was the biggest accomplishment of my time there. Period.

The Award winning poster

The next day, I got the award for the best poster presentation which was really a great piece of paper to bring back to my university and stick to my CV.
What I REALLY brought home with me were my new colleagues and friends – graduate students and academics from South Africa, USA, Australia and even Mauritius.

Serious academics, I promise

So, what will is this group of serious academics up to next?
I’m glad you asked – we’re meeting again, September in South Africa!
Just being invited to come to Johannesburg was a great delight, but I’m sure it will be even better when I come back with more stories to tell. Cheers!