Merged Futures

Merged Futures is a conference that I ended up attending by a series of fortunate events. After being introduces to Scott Turner at the SOLSTICE conference at Edge Hill University, he invited me to see what they do at Northampton. Luckily once again, they had a big immersive technology event coming up in weeks time. So, what else to do than go with the flow? 🙂

Lot of tweeting was happening on that event. In order to win a cake, participants were trying to have the most popular tweet of the day. Along with the competition fun, we have connected and formed a nice community of practitioners.

On the event, I had an opportunity to meet fantastic researchers and artists who use immersive mediums for creation of the most wonderful art experiences. Imagine walking through someone’s painting and exploring every little corner. Dr Alison Goodyear made that possible for us.

My presentation was short 15 minutes on integration of augmented reality in primary school. Joined up with three other experts, we created a showcase of examples for all education levels – from early years to higher education. Truly a great experience. Some of the slides I used, are below.

You can also access the full material by clicking HERE

My colleagues mentioned regularly post interesting content related to technology, so make sure you check out these links:






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